Monday, February 11, 2013

It has been a while...

So here is my update from our three week gap:
    On January 29, 2013 we closed on our new house.  To say that now makes the process seem so simple, but it was all but simple.  First, the date was changed from Friday to Tuesday, then the time  and location changed without our knowledge.  When we finally got to the right place at the right time everything else went smoothly.
    The very next day we had movers, furniture deliveries, and the cable man coming out to the new house.  Two days of thigh burning moving and we had a kitchen full of boxes and nowhere to cook so we ate out for couple of days until the boxes were cleared out.  Now, we're slowly but surely filling in all of the gaps and purchasing all of the rugs, towels, appliances, blinds, curtains, and everything else that we need to make this house a home.  As soon as we get EVERYTHING together I'll update with some pictures.

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  1. Awesome Shelby! Glad you all are getting settled!! We had a similar experience--thought we were closing on a Friday but it was Tuesday!! Can't wait to see pics